Bag Beginnings

flat fifteen


I started making bags for myself ever since I got pick-pocketed in Bricklane after visiting Columbia Road Flower Market to take research photos for a project. This was my pre-university days when I was desperate to scrabble enough work together to make a portfolio to apply for a fashion course at Central Saint Martins. 

I remember seeing it happen in slow motion as the guy unclipped my headphones and swiftly took my phone from my jacket pocket, and then disappearing into the crowd of tourists. So after that I made a tiny bag just big enough for my phone and maybe a lipstick that could be worn around my neck like a lanyard, in hopes it would prevent something like that happening again.

flat fifteen research bag

Since then I've just randomly made bags for myself from whatever fabric I had available. It wasn't until January this year that I told myself that I'm just going to try and make this bag making into a real thing. And so I started researching what kind of bags I wanted to make.

flat fifteen bag research

I kept making things that weren't really me, I was trying to be 'cool.' When in reality I'm the total opposite of cool, I'm awkward and do weird stuff in the mirror when nobody's around like pretend I'm a weather girl pointing in the direction of Swansea.

So I decided to make a bag that would want, and they turned out pretty cute - after the 6th trial and a happy accident -

 flat fifteen bag