Love Eaststreet

flat fifteen eastreet

Eaststreet Market in Southeast London is a place I know well. I grew up around there, and have walked down that lane my whole life.

It has supplied me throughout different stages of my life, from my mum buying my school shoes. To frequenting the hair shops to buy my weeks supply of hair gel (because it would only last that long) and buying the latest copies of CD's. I now just go for my fruit/veg and occasionally maggi sauce seasoning .

east street

east street 1

It has always provided me with inspiration and I have been documenting Eaststreet and its people for about four years now. I love the un-edited fashion looks of real people, women in their Sunday best or someone who has just dashed out the house in someone else's flip flops because they ran out of milk. They are beautiful, and these are the kind of people that I grew up seeing.

My beloved Eaststreet Belles