Love myself

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I write myself letters. I write them just after my birthdays (June 30th by the way)

They're for my future self to read the following year. However in 2015 I wrote an additional letter that was to be opened in 2020. I wrote it and put it in an envelope...did I wait till the year 2020 to open it? -

Of course not

I opened it in 2019 so four years is not so bad. But it was the loveliest thing I've ever done for myself. In 2015 when I wrote the letter I talked about the situation I was in and the things I wanted to change. I wrote about the countries I wanted to visit - Morocco, Sicily, Sri Lanka and Bali - I managed 2/4. To things I wanted to see, like a Waterfall. Or something I wanted to try, like surfing, both of which I've done. There were also some ridiculous things in the letter like "learn the splits" which I'm still working on.

But the loveliest things I wrote about were about those around me. I wrote about my brother and his girlfriend longing for a baby...I am now an aunty to two amazing girls. And my mum desperately wanting to move out of her dingy flat and she now lives in a house in a Cul de sac.

There was lots of other personal hopes and dreams that I wrote down for myself. But one of the most stand out questions I asked myself then was, is it still important to me now?? And it's such a humbling thing to look back on these things I wrote as a 23 year old. I still hold value to some things, whilst other things that were sooo important to me then mean nothing now.

Hindsight I guess

So, I think I'm going to write another letter, for the year 2025.